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Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm sixteen (junior in high school) and I live in the Los Angeles area.

I'm a high school swimmer and I do club as well.
I really only swim the 50 free (short course-- for HS)
and I do a leg of the 50 in the 200Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay.
(well that was all last HS season)
&I came in 6th in the league for JV for the 50 free. :(.

I never got to practice because I'm on my high schools dance team as well and we're actually pretty good (better than the swim team :X) so without ever practicing my best time for the 50 free was a 28 something (how horrible), but I guess not to bad for someone who never practiced right? But this year I cut down on how many dances I will be competing so that leads me to one practice a week instead of the three.

Well I have a bad knee(actually I damaged the ligament badly in the inside of my knee) (I got it from doing gymnastics for ten years) and I'm currently in the process of fixing it instead of having surgery (bolts in my leg and tightening all my muscles in my knee) and I was told in November not to do anything until February (HS season starts then) but I can't it's driving me insane.

Soo my endurance pretty much sucks ever since I was forced to quit gymnastics- thats why I'm a sprinter (possibly the shortest one too I'm only 5'1) so I need some tips on endurance.
Also butterfly. That is the one stroke I can't do I did competitive swimming when I was 7-8 or something and I still couldn't do it then.

So yeah just tips for those two would be much appreciated.
&Also girls post your time for the 50 free short course.

--- plans for the 06 HS swim season.
-swim the 50 free
-100 free
-do a leg in a relay or two
-possibly a 50 back.
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