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Improving breast stroke

Hey all,

Recently, I changed my breast stroke style - I always used to swim it on the surface, and I never came out of the water as much as everyone else did. I always stayed close to the surface. My coach commented last year that the way I swam my breast stroke was very different from how the majority of other people swim it (meaning I stay close to the surface and I don't come out of the water as much as the other swimmers do when they breathe), but I'm still moving as fast (or faster) then them all. However, this year a girl on my team (who's an amazing swimmer) showed me a thing or two about breaststroke. When she does it she dives below the surface, and squeezes her arms against her head (to stream line). Supposedly being under the surface reduces the drag, and allows you to go faster, and obviously, streamlining yourself makes you go faster. So, I've started doing that...and it's definately helping, and it's a bit more energy efficient as well.

I'm a breast stroker on my high school swim team. I can do the 50m in about 45s, and the 100 in 1.40s. I'm swimming the 100m at our next two meets, and I'm really looking to get that time down. Preferably in the 1.30ish area.
I know that your starts and turns can make a big difference with your time, and mine are alright, but can use some improvement.
Any tips as to what I can do in the water, or out of the water to improve my time?

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