high school phantom (azurexeyesxlie) wrote in watersapiens,
high school phantom

I will never take swimming in a pool with nice, roomy lane lines for granted ever again. Open water swimming is the pits. How do ya'll feel about it? Any tips?
Oh, and I was wondering if any of you have swam as an "independant" for your high school? I'm trying that out this year and any insights would be an enormous help!

Also, I'm going to feel really out of touch saying this, but what do you do for dry land training? So far I've only swam for my town's summer team and we're not exactly cracking the whip over here, so our workouts have only been in the pool. I was really hoping if I could gather some good exercises and whatnot that I can incorporate into my volleyball practices, as to kill two birds with one stone.
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